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  • The innovative WEARABLE PLAY project is all female! Researchers and designers Michaela Honauer, (Germany) Secil Ugur Yavuz (Italy) and Kristi Kuusk (Estonia) have come up with a way to create a balance between the time children spend in front of a screen and physical play. Thus Worm-e was born, the prototype of a soft and interactive puppet…Read More


    Countries involved: Holland, Germany

    The collaboration between WALKYTALKIES, a Dutch brand that has created a series of socks for the little ones that turn into cheerful puppets and the German designers of bachHOCH2, has resulted in a unique project, designed to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. By scanning the…Read More

  • Fashion designers, startups, green entrepreneurs! We would like to hear the opinion of stakeholders on how to best clear the way for sustainable fashion. Remember, Fashion For Change is designed to help innovative start-ups and SMEs across Europe implement and scale up circular fashion models. That’s why we’ve set up a little poll for you to tel…Read More

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