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    French Craft Guild posted in the group Reinvention of craftsmanship

    3 years, 3 months ago

    “Traditionally, furniture was not used in the Kashmiri way of life. Over the years, the colonial furniture that was introduced by the British to the area lost its Kashmiri identity, which only reflected in the motifs carved by the local craftsmen. The winding research about the walnut wood furniture led Sandeep Sangaru to the rich histories of the other wood-based crafts of Kashmir and its unique strands of architecture.“(…) “My objective is to reintroduce the craft into the valley, and to meet the challenge of reviving it to its original form, as it was practised hundreds of years ago. (…) “The recognition will help build our confidence to swim against the current, and reimagine the craft as something that fits into our contemporary lives. It will encourage and inspire young artisans to become craftsmen, work with their hands, and build a sustainable world.”