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Margarida Vasconcelos

  • Uganda
  • Designer/Design lab/Design Startup

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Margarida Vasconcelos

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Designer/Design lab/Design Startup

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Textile/ Fashion

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I am currently developing an idea for a social enterprise to empower women living in remote rural areas in Uganda. The idea is to create clothes and accessories soil to soil, based on the circular economy principles and inspired by the fibershed movement. Using fashion as a tool for women empowerment, we will create handmade, unique products in harmony with the environment, following regenerative practices, building on women’s artisan skills, embracing the local culture and preserving traditional crafts with a modern approach. By providing local employment, while advancing gender equality and promoting environmental regeneration, we endeavour to have a long term positive social and environmental impact, while supporting, empowering and engaging the community to embrace a regenerative way of thinking and living.