Countries involved: Germany, Estonia

Born from the collaboration between the German designer Barbro Scholz and the Estonian PhD researcher Paula Veske, the TTorch project consists in the creation of innovative creative toys for children up to eight years of age, through the application of electronic fabrics.

The kit consists of an “Jeffy” octopus, a beach towel and several additional components for playing, as well as a booklet for telling a story. In all the components, the electronic fabrics are integrated and can be used as part of the circuit, to turn on, for example, an LED light or play with RGB colors. β€œThe project came into fruition to bring together different fields, such as electronics and textile engineering, in order to create a kit for educational purposes and follow the principles of the circular economy during the process, – comments Barbro Scholz – This kit of products creates a “bridge” between engineering and design, allowing the child to play with a personal light source and build a surrounding environment.”

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