Countries involved: Estonia, Holland

Resulting from the collaboration between the Estonian designer-researcher Kristi Kuusk, Anne Kuusk of Pambu, one of the last remaining clothing manufacturing companies in Parnu – Estonia; and the Dutch illustrator Kerstin Zabransky who loves to explore new

ways of visual storytelling, Spellbound is an innovative brand of children’s clothing that is based on an ethical production, made mainly of residual textile material, and invites those who wear their garments to a dynamic narration obtained with colour-changing designs sensitive to UV rays.

This is how prodigious t-shirts for children come into reality. T-shirts tell magical stories such as that of the fox who dances during the day and explores new galaxies at night.

“Spellbound – says Kristi Kuusk – was born from the idea of ​​intelligently using the waste material from traditional textile production, enriching it with stories whose printed designs change as the context around them changes, so the story appearing in the day under the daylight effects is enhanced by new characters or meanings in the dark.”

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